AutoCAD Structural Detailing provides to create detailed drawings of RC structure reinforcement. This includes a complete bunch of options for drawing details of an RC structure drawing, which are adjusted to the engineer designer’s needs and make it possible to draw objects in a proper manner.

1). Detailing is very important not only for the proper execution of the structures but for the safety of structures.
2). Detailing is as important as design since proper detailing of engineering designs is an essential link in the planning and engineering process as some of the most devastating collapses in history have been caused by defective collections.
3). Detailing is necessary not only for steel structures but also for the R.C.C members as it is the translation of all the mathematical expressions and equations results.
4). Detailing of reinforcement in concrete structures is performed in such a way that the intended response of the structure with regard to safety and good performance is fulfilled.
5). Generally detailing is done by using the specified mentioned in SP-34.


  1. General Requirements
  2. Bond and anchorage
    a. Transfer of forces
    b. Development length
    i. Lap length
    ii. Anchorage length
    iii. Types of lapping
    iv. Cover and its uses
  3. Expansion Joints
  4. Detailing for bending
  5. Detailing for shear
  6. Detailing for torsion
  7. Footing
    a. Isolated
    b. Combined
    c. Sloped
  8. Columns:
    a. Curtailment
    b. Column reduction
    c. Ties
  9. Slabs:
    a. One-way slab
    b. Two-way slab
    c. Cantilever slab
    d. Flat slabs
  10. Beams:
    a. Simply supported
    b. Fixed
    c. Cantilever
    d. Continuous beams
  11. Staircase:
    a. Dog legged
    b. Open wall Staircase
  12. Retaining Wall:
    a. Cantilever retaining wall
    b. Proper Cantilever retaining wall
    c. Counter fort retaining wall.