A Comprehensive integrated finite element analysis and design solution, including a state of an art user interface, visualization tools, and integrated design codes, capable of dynamic response or wind, earthquake, and moving loads. Covering all aspects of structural engineering.

Staad pro Software, It’s one of the software applications created to help structural engineers to automate their tasks accurately with solutions and to remove tedious and long procedures of manual methods.



1) Checking of Input Data
After the Preparation of the Staad Pro building model, its data shall be checked thoroughly by various commands available in Staad Pro v8i software for its correctness.

2) Running of Analysis
It gives results for various load combination cases provided to it. To give results for various load combinations with the appropriate load factors as per IS 456-2000 and IS 1893-2002.
Program Output Gives values of Axial force, Moment, Shear force, and Deflections for each member like column, beams, shear walls, plates.

3) Output results from the Program
The results obtained by the Program should thoroughly be checked before accepting the same in the final design.
a) The checking of input data is already discussed.
b) Checking of Displacements.
i) For the fixed end of a Frame, the value of displacement must be zero.
ii) The max horizontal displacement due to earthquake forces between successive floors shall not exceed 0.004 times the difference in levels between the floors.
iii) Displacement of all joints on a particular floor should be equal (Rigid Diapharam).
iv) While checking of forces, at every joint. The following 3 equilibrium equations must be satisfied.
a) Sum of all vertical forces must be zero.
b) Sum of all horizontal forces must be zero.
c) Sum of all moments at the joint must be zero.
Note: The designer should personally check these points and check some joints for his own satisfaction.

  1. Design of various RCC Elements of Building
    After Analysis is over, thoroughly checked, the detailed design of various members of the building in the following order of Actual construction, to be in tune with the construction program decided by the Project Managers at the site.
    i) Design of piles or pad footings, raft (Depending on the site and foundation condition).
    ii) Design of columns.
    iii) Design of beams (plinth level to term).
    iv) Design of slabs (1st slab to Terrace).
    v) Design of Staircase,
    vi) Design of Water Tank, Lift Machine room, staircase headroom.